20 Baby Names to Celebrate the New Year

It’s a new year and, for many people, a new year means a new outlook on life–a life that brings hope, love, and strength. While I’m not a person to make resolutions, I do think that having positive aspirations for you and your loved ones is important.

With the birth of my son coming within the next month, I thought it would be appropriate to look at baby names whose meanings give us exactly what we are looking for in this new year. The Huffington Post recently shared their list of baby names for the new year and I decided to make a list of my own. If your little one is arriving soon and you are still looking for a name to celebrate your goals for 2014, check out some of my favorites.

  • Ada 1 of 20

    This year, I want to find more of the little things in life that makes me happy. And if there is anything that bringing a new life into the world makes us, it's happy. Ada is a gorgeous name for a little girl that means both "prosperous" and "happy." 

  • Adira 2 of 20

    Adira is a unique and beautiful Hebrew name meaning "strong." Every year we should aspire to be stronger and more confident and this name is a great way to show that. 

  • Alair 3 of 20

    This is a great gender neutral name that means "cheerful" and "happy." Just saying it brings a smile to my face. 

  • Amias 4 of 20

    Amias makes a very unique and strong boy name. It comes from the Latin word meaning "loved." We all know how much it means to feel loved and give love. Show that love for your new bundle of joy this year with this name. 

  • Asha 5 of 20

    This is a virtuous Indian name meaning "hope" or "desire." Starting the new year, we have many hopes and desires for ourselves. If you are pregnant and expecting in the new year, hope and desire brings on an entirely new meaning as we start to think about our children's desires and needs rather than ourselves. 

  • Asher 6 of 20

    I've always loved this name for a little boy but never put too much thought into the meaning behind it. A Hebrew name meaning "happy" or "blessed," this is exactly how I feel about my son, who will arrive soon. 

  • Emin 7 of 20

    This year, I want to be more confident, especially as a soon-to-be mom of three. There are so many unknowns with a newborn around and it's easy to second guess ourselves as mothers. Emin is a Turkish name that means "confident." It's a perfect reminder for us to have confidence in ourselves both as women and as mothers. 

  • Evangeline 8 of 20

    This name is absolutely gorgeous for a little girl. It is so feminine and has such a beautiful meaning behind it. Evangeline is a Greek name that means "bearer of good news." The birth of your little one this year is the best news anyone could bring. 

  • Felix 9 of 20

    Such a great name for a little boy! Felix is Latin for "lucky" and "successful." Both are things that we all hope for as a new year approaches. 

  • Grace 10 of 20

    This is my oldest daughter's middle name and I have always loved it. It's such a classic and feminine name and something that we all should aspire to live with. 

  • Halona 11 of 20

    Halona is a Native American name meaning "happy fortune." Welcoming a new baby this year is all the fortune you need! 

  • Honor 12 of 20

    This name was made popular after Jessica Alba named her oldest daughter Honor. I think it is a beautiful girl's name with a beautiful meaning behind it. 

  • Hope 13 of 20

    My best friend from high school is Hope and she couldn't fit this name in a more perfect way. I always wanted to use this name for a little girl, but since we went with family names for our girls it never happened. Every new year brings hope for a better life ahead. 

  • Leala 14 of 20

    A French name that means "loyal," Leala would be great for any little girl. It's not a name I've heard before, but it's a feminine and unique name with a great meaning. 

  • Mercy 15 of 20

    I've never really thought about using this word as a name before, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. I have always been a fan of more unique names and while this is a word that we hear often, we don't often hear it as a name. 

  • Milena 16 of 20

    Czech name meaning "love, warmth, and grace," Milena is a perfect name for a little girl who will bring you all of that this new year. 

  • Nara 17 of 20

    Nara is a Japanse name meaning "happy" and any little girl would be happy to receive this name. 

  • Shields 18 of 20

    I've heard Shields several times as a last name, but not as a first name. I think it is a great first name for either a boy or a girl. It means "loyal protector" and that is exactly what I hope to do for all of my children not only this year, but all the time. 

  • Theo 19 of 20

    A great name, short for Theodore that is Greek for "God's gift." I think that all of my children are gifts from God, but with this one being unexpected and unplanned it brings even more meaning this time around. 

  • Zada 20 of 20

    I think we can all agree that expecting a baby this new year makes us very fortunate. Zada is a really pretty name for a girl that means "fortunate" and "prosperous." 

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