2010 US Census Results Are In: Fewer Babies, More Republicans


The 2010 US Census shows that the last decade has marked the slowest population growth in the US since the Great Depression.  The population has grown by 9.7%, over the last 10 years, to 308 million. Nevada had the largest growth, while Michigan was the only state to show a decline. 60% of the growth is from births in the US, the other 40% comes from immigration.

This downward trend is likely a reflection of difficult economic times. Census director Robert Groves said that it was “an assertion on the part of historians” that growth slowed down in the 1930s because of the Great Depression. But pointed out that the relationship between the economy and population is a complicated one. The US is still growing faster than some other developed nations, like France and England. The populations of these countries increased by only 5% over the last decade.

More growth was found in Republican-leaning Southern states; in the fall these states will be awarded more seats in the House of Representatives. Added seats from these states could have an impact on the electoral college vote in the 2012 election.

My babies were born during a New York City baby boom which has been nice because there are lots of other families around. But it’s been hard, too. Getting into a good public school can become a full-time job for at least one parent.

How has the Great Recession affected your thoughts and decisions on the size of your family? Would you have more children if this country were in better shape?

photo: OakleyOriginals/Flickr

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