24 Weeks + Horizontal Stripes


maternity photo series And the bump keeps growing. I’ve decided to embrace it hence the horizontal stripes and glitter belt. I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would say.

Do you see how high I’m carrying? I’m concerned for the welfare of my ribs. Baby Blodgett loves to wake me up in the morning with crazy kicks and jabs that aren’t bothersome since he’s still so tiny. I still get excited every time I feel him move. I can’t believe I’ll get to meet him in less than four months.

Before I put anything into my mouth I think, “Will this give me heartburn?” The answer is yes to everything. The other night my husband heard me whimpering than I leaned over, took two Tums and went back to bed. I have no recollection of this.

While Christmas shopping I found myself often wandering into the baby clothes section. I’m telling you, sock monkey footsie pajamas are impossible to resist.

We’ll be moving into our first house after Christmas and I love to walk around and imagine our little family living there, especially when I peek into the nursery. It’s empty now but will soon be bustling.

I’m so grateful to be pregnant.