26 Weeks + Feeling Round


maternity photo It’s a good thing I’m doing these updates because I’ve started to forget just how far along I am. I could blame this on pregnancy brain but it’s most likely due to the fact that things are a bit hectic around here as you can tell from the piles of boxes around me. Moving during pregnancy isn’t all that bad. It gives me an excuse not to load the truck, not to scrub the floor and to make my husband do the painting. It’s also terribly exciting that this baby will have a room and not just a corner.

I’m getting rounder and rounder. I would like to take this time to apologize to any pregnant woman I’ve ever looked at and thought, “Wow, she got big.” Because no matter how small you start out, there is no way of predicting or controlling how you’re going to carry. I happen to be carrying like Santa, all belly. At least it’s fun to watch it dance around.

During the last few weeks I’ve also entered the wonderful world of Braxton Hicks. I had to ask my sister-in-law what they feel like to confirm that’s what was happening. They’re not painful but sometimes they take me by surprise like when I’m waking briskly through IKEA and I have to pause next to a piece of furniture named Billy. I just like to think of it as a brief moment to have rock hard abs again.

I’m gearing up for the glucose test this week and hoping the drink isn’t as bad as everyone claims it is. I drink Maalox from the bottle now so I don’t think it will phase me.

Only about three more months until little buddy arrives.