28 Week Check-In


28 weeks already… and heading full speed ahead into my third trimester. I have a little bit less than 11 weeks left until my c-section, and I am starting to hit panic mode. A friend of mine, a couple weeks ahead of me said she would be happy if she remained pregnant until the child was kindergarten age… and I am starting to feel the same way…

I went for my check up with my midwives yesterday, and now I am on the every two week plan until my last couple weeks, then I get the lovely weekly drive to the office.

I had both children with me yesterday, in fact this specific midwife had not seen my youngest son Benjamin since he was born nearly two years ago… it was cute watching them reunite.  But even though everything looked fantastic, my suspicions that I am certainly small for 28 weeks was right. My midwife isn’t too concerned for a number of reasons, measuring 2 weeks in either direction is normal, and little girls tend to be about a half pound smaller than boys, meaning this one may top out in the high six pound range given my boys were in the mid and low seven pound range.

Although to ease my mind, she ordered an ultrasound. I am sure the baby is fine, and she is just petite like me, I mean, I can’t expect a giant baby when I am not even five feet tall myself, but working in the birth community just makes me know all the things that can go wrong, and I would feel comfortable knowing everything is just peachy.

So Monday I go for an ultrasound to ease my mind. I wish I could be in the mentality I had when I was pregnant with my second child. I was so easy going, didn’t have a pregnancy care in the world… wasn’t over analyzing every bump or movement, and just went with the flow.  I am desperately trying to take that approach this time around.

In other news… our nursery is coming together well. I am always on the hunt for cute owl stuff… in the past week I have found a ton too. And even indulged in some shopping for prints. I can’t wait till they get here… shopping online for me is always like Christmas.

I still have a ton to get done, but I am not worrying about much until after my baby shower in three weeks. Oh, did I mention my sister is putting together a small shower?   A girl in our family is a huge celebration considering there hasn’t been one since… oh… when I was born 25 years ago!

Oh, and the baby still has no name… I am leaning towards either Addison (Addie) or Liberty… I still love the name Liberty since I have been planning on using it for 3+ years now, I just don’t know if I can deal with the nick name Libbie. We’ll see. But I don’t see it being resolved anytime soon because my husband won’t even discuss names!