28 Weeks + Feeling It


baby bump I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I had to look at my past post to figure out how far along I am. I’m now at the point that I’ve started counting down instead of up and find myself saying, “Holy crap! I only have 12 more weeks!” a couple hundred times a day. I have a lot to accomplish before then. Like buying a crib for instance.

Even though I’m just barely entering the third trimester, I’m already feeling it. I have to remind myself it’s okay to slow down. I’m noticing that my heart beats faster after a simple task like walking up the stairs. I’m feeling the baby quite frequently but haven’t quite figured out what he’s bumping me with. I’m amazed at the movement you can even see through my clothing. The other day I was thinking about how I hadn’t felt him for a while and then I automatically felt a kick. I like to think he was reassuring me he was fine and happy.

Until last week I hadn’t had any strangers touch my belly. I was working with a hotel manager to throw a party and when we met he looked down, sort of gasped then patted my belly as he said, “Oh so cute!” I gave him a free pass because it was hilarious.

Still feeling blessed. Still feeling happy.

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