33 Weeks Pregnant in Pictures

Today I am 34 weeks, but I haven’t done one of these in a while so I’m sharing a look at being 33 weeks pregnant with a bit of 32 in there. It’s been a rollercoaster ride this past week with a visit to Labor and Delivery, but that turned out ok.

Baby looks good, I’m hanging in there, and we’ve managed to start getting things really in order after that scare. I’ve been prepping clothes and ordering items to make those first crazy weeks just a little easier. I’m still trying to figure out how to organize it all while packing up the house to move in a couple of months, but maybe just some little crates from Target will be the best answer to that. Just to sort clothes/diapers/etc so I can find them easier.

I have 3 weeks until my cerclage is taken out. If I don’t go into labor then or that week, I’ll induced at 38 for several medical reasons. I’m totally comfortable with that, although I hope I’ll go before they have to induce. :)

Take a look at these past 2 weeks in our life; from belly shots to L&D, and Bella/baby stuff.

  • 33 Weeks Pregnant 1 of 23
    33 weeks pregnant in pictures

    32 weeks and 3 days. We were off to see the perinatologist about how much longer we could keep this boy cooking!

  • Slow Your Roll 2 of 23
    32WEEKS-3 I need her to tone it down in the evenings about 27 notches and yet it just builds until bedtime. It must be all the crack she consumes. lol

  • WAHM 3 of 23

    Work conference for SEO and knitting.#nerdalert

  • Tiny Naughty One 4 of 23

    Target timeout. 

  • Best Text Ever 5 of 23

    I have no words to describe my love of Beth Anne and her quick wit. No words.

  • 31 weeks! 6 of 23

    I do love being pregnant. What I'm having a hard time with is the feeling that any moment I'm going to break in half.

  • Dreamin’ 7 of 23

    Dream nursery for this baby courtesy of Pottery Barn. Can we afford it all? No. But it gives me some really great ideas for after we move and he has a little room!

  • Old Fashioned Ideals 8 of 23

    Bella adores The New Baby and I love (and giggle over) the fact that this new mom is in heels and pearls with two well dressed children under two most of the book.

  • Nursing Prep 9 of 23

    I may have had a hard time breastfeeding my daughter, but part of that was me not being prepared for it. This time around I'm getting ready way before so I might have an easier time of it. 

  • Mornings 10 of 23

    Breakfast on the back porch. Trying to catch some outside time before it hits 106* today. It's gorgeous right now.

  • It’s Not Ok 11 of 23

    Just. No. This is so wrong. for weeks it was like this here. Thankfully it has cooled off about 10* this past week. 

  • Gender Neutral 12 of 23

    Bella did these 100% on her own. I just cut out clothes as she directed. So we have an emo/goth girl and a boy with a sparkly crown, wings, and pink pants. I love it. 

  • King of the House 13 of 23

    Oh no Charlie - don't move! Really. Enjoy. I adore that my pillows will smelled like smoked meat now. Nothing better than a smoked meat pillow to rest my head on.

  • Hippie Child 14 of 23

    It was one of those rare perfect summer days. Bella and I had just done a Kiwi Crate to make her headband. Those are summer day lifesavers. 

  • Not Special 15 of 23

    Learning that military insurance does not cover breast pumps except for preterm infants in the hospital. I did an article on what options moms might have and how that makes things so much harder. 

  • No Title Needed 16 of 23

    Literally just out of the oven. Bella and I split one in the parking lot, then I ate 3 more when we got home. I have a hard time putting into words how amazing their donuts are. 

  • Pay Attention 17 of 23

    "Look at my big huge mess Mama!" That's what I get for laying in bed and thinking she was being so sweet and quiet playing next to me. Intuition fail.

  • Big. 18 of 23

    Shirt table FTW. 32 weeks and yes, it does hurt. However, it's very convenient for eating on.  

  • Lumpy 19 of 23

    Just like Bella, he loves to lodge against my left side and my hip bone. Stretch marks on the other side.

  • Yogi 20 of 23

    Doing some yoga with Daddy after his run.

  • 33 weeks! 21 of 23

    Full body shot y'all. I am ready to explode with baby.

  • Heading Home 22 of 23

    El Paso roads on the way home from Labor and Delivery.

  • L&D 23 of 23

    Spending the afternoon being monitored and getting contraction stopping shots. In the meantime we decided we liked this hospital more anyway.

 Photo credit: my own

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