36 Weeks of Excitement


Today I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and I had my routine check up, and meeting with the OB/GYN scheduled to perform my cesarean section on May 3rd.  Seemed simple enough right?

Of course not with this pregnancy!  It is almost like the most routine things are starting to turn into the biggest projects. Which apparently is how raising a little girl is supposed to be?  Or at least people keep telling me, although I certainly don’t believe it yet!

Of course I trucked it to my appointment, and met with the lovely OB. She was warm, friendly, and very caring, all traits I want in someone who is responsible for the major surgery I am going to be having. Just having some random Doctor to me is frightening.

We had a great discussion of the surgery, about my previous c-sections, medical history, and all that fun stuff and then it came time to listen to the baby, and measure my fundal height again. Which had caught up since the measurements around 26 weeks that started this whole ball rolling. Except today, despite gaining 5 pounds in two weeks, my fundal height was back to measuring behind, a whole two weeks behind.

Thanks baby girl!   Another curve ball when I thought we were catching up!

Turns out the  OB was going to order an ultrasound for this until I explained my next follow up ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday of next week.  I follow up again next Friday with the OB/GYN herself to look at a course of action if the baby has gone backwards on the growth charts, or they are not comfortable with her progress.

Thankfully by next Friday I will be 36 weeks 5 days, on the cusp of 37 weeks which makes me feel slightly more comfortable, but not as comfortable as I would be at 39 weeks 3 days, which I am scheduled to deliver at now.

More thoughts and prayers would be appreciated for our stubborn daughter!  Looks like she is going to be just like her mom!