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4 Baby Wearing Options

By Danielle |

I love baby wearing. Although I did get a late start with it with my own children. My oldest didn’t end up in a carrier until he was a couple months old when I was really introduced to the different options for baby wearing.

I thought the only thing on the market was those horrid baby bjorn type carriers that hang your baby from their crotch and have been linked with hip dysplasia problems. Heck, I never even knew that was an issue until I started learning more about these carriers, and why babies shouldn’t hang from their crotch… I mean, would you want to ride around like that?   I wouldn’t!

So when Camden was about 4 months old my friend introduced me to my first Mei Tai baby carrier, which immediately became my favorite carrier.  I am still partial to it today, especially for smaller newborns, but there are just so many options out there that moms really must explore and find what works for them.

1. Mei Tai – There are so many people who make these, but my personal favorite is the BabyHawk. The best part is you can actually customize your own carrier. Pick your colors, etc.   They are easy to get on by yourself, and adjust without help from another person, which was one of the biggest selling points to me.



2. ERGO Baby Carrier – Probably my personal favorite now that my children are a little bit older, but they do have a newborn insert option for their carriers. My personal favorite carry is throwing the little guys on my back. Although it is something that takes time to learn, especially if you want to get them on your back alone without any help. Worth every penny!



3. Moby Wrap – I tried one of these with my oldest son, and it didn’t work out the way I would have liked it to, but in the past three years I have heard so many moms rave about these I am more than up for trying again this pregnancy. I am planning on getting one within the next couple weeks before the baby comes.  Something about the way it carries the baby, and the nature of the hold really interests me.  What do you think about the Moby?



4. Hot Slings – Or slings in general. I am anxious to try this time around because neither of my boys really cared for them when I tried them on in the past. Maybe my daughter will like them a little bit more?   But this is probably my favorite to add to this post because I found this adorable baby wearing video on youtube to go along with the post.

What are some of your favorite baby wearing options?

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15 thoughts on “4 Baby Wearing Options

  1. Dana says:

    My favorite sling was a Slingling. It’s a mommy owned company and she has good prices as well. I used a MaiTai with my oldest but I wish I would have had a Slingling. I carried my youngest until he was about 2 and a half! I had about 10 of them to match my nursing shirts lol

  2. Katy E says:

    LOVED my moby wrap but I had to actually look up on-line how to fold and tie and fit baby in it. Moby has a video I think. It was super easy once I learned how to tie it and tuck baby in. Keeps them snuggled in close to Mama’s heart and keeps Mama from worrying about Baby falling on her/his noggin while Mama bends over to pick up the laundry basket. I didn’t really dig the slings. I felt like my baby was gonna slip out. I’m curious about the ergo now. I’ve heard good things.

    PS. any word on the amnio results? You’ve been weighing heavy on my heart (while my fetus has been weighing heavy on my bladder!).

  3. Tera says:

    Out of all the slings and carriers that I have tried I have to say that if i had found the Baby K’tan carrier before I had found my Sling Eze or my Moby then I would have probably never bought the Ring Sling or wrap!

    What I love about the K’tan carrier is that it is like a wrap – so you get that awesome swaddled hold for a newborn – except its all put together for you. No need to learn how to tie five thousand different knots, just slide into it for the most part. Another upside there is no dragging it on nasty parking lots while trying to get situated. My hubbie and I call the Baby K’tan a Moby for blondes!

  4. Monica says:

    I have heard that the Moby stretches out too easily and it doesn’t hold a baby for back wearing like it claims. At least not safely. I got a Sleepy Wrap which is similar to the Moby however I think the material is a little different and it doesn’t stretch out as much. I’ve loved it so far, but the one I truly want to get, but haven’t been able to find at a price I can justify spending is a Storchenweige (or a Storch). Made in Germany and strong with lots of support. Definitely want to get one of those after looking into all the different kinds of carriers out there. Not crazy about the Ergo personally. I know most swear by them though.

  5. Katy E says:

    Monica, I haven’t had any issues with the Moby stretching. It washes and dries easily. The only pain is folding it in half along the length of the fabric as well as having the ends drag. I haven’t tried to wear my son on my back with it, so I can’t speak to that.

    What do you dislike about the ergo? I’ve thought about purchasing one but now I’m curious.

  6. Haley says:

    I love my Moby Wrap… And so do my husband and baby! It is way more comfortable to me than the Bjorn style carriers and once you’ve done it a few times it is easy to use. I especially liked it when my little guy was a newborn because it held him close to me and his head didn’t flop around. I have also used a sling, but I prefer my wrap!

  7. Jennifer Harrell says:

    I LOVED my Moby wrap when my kidlet was small. It was easy to get him in/out of, he was secure (no worries about his breathing cutting off, cause he was UP on my chest right!), and it did not put stress on my back/shoulders. We used it hiking and even my hubby liked it.

  8. Claire says:

    ADDICTED to my Ergo. Used it from 3 weeks to 19 months with my second and just started using it again with my 3rd. My first hated any carrier. I have used several types of slings, the Moby and the Ergo. I love baby wearing period but the ease of the Ergo sold me and it’s very comfortable.

  9. Michelle Huegel says:

    I LOOOOVE my Baby K’Tan, and so does my hubby! We are actually planning to buy another one that will fit him better so he can carry our will-be-14 month old when this new baby is born in September. I love how it spreads the weight over both shoulders. The single-shoulder sling styles just killed my back and shoulders, but I like the sling positioning for baby. My 8-month-old loves being cuddled in to mommy and always falls asleep in it. He’s just starting to enjoy the outward-facing explore-type positions too. You can even carry twins in the K’Tan! There are multiple positions including back carry, although I’ve never tried that one.

  10. Monica says:

    Katy, the Ergo doesn’t offer many carrying options. With the wrap you can do the cradle, back carry (if you get a good one) upright facing in or out. The ergo is too restrictive IMO. Not that I’ve figured out how to do this with my wrap yet, but you are supposed to be able to nurse discreetly in them and you can’t do that with the ergo.

  11. Danielle625 says:

    @Monica – the only option that the ERGO doesn’t offer is the cradle out of the rest. But as an alternative to the cradle, there is the heart2heart insert for a newborn carry.

  12. elaine says:

    i have a baby k’tan and a ergo. i swear by both. i would never put a newborn in anything but a baby k’tan – not even using hte heart2heart ergo insert – b/c the baby k’tan was awesome for that newborn swaddled hold (and way better than a wrap b/c i didn’t have to tie it all over me and put it on in less than 5 seconds each time). as my daugther got heavier, i started using the ergo – at about

  13. elaine says:

    oops got cut off>>>> I have a baby k’tan and a ergo. i swear by both. i would never put a newborn in anything but a baby k’tan – not even using hte heart2heart ergo insert – b/c the baby k’tan was awesome for that newborn swaddled hold (and way better than a wrap b/c i didn’t have to tie it all over me and put it on in less than 5 seconds each time). as my daugther got heavier, i started using the ergo – at about 10 months i stowed away my baby ktan for my next one and swtiched to the ergo. in my book every mom needs both.

  14. Amy Snyder says:

    I will start my comment with full disclosure that I work for the BabyBjorn brand. As a mom myself, I read Babble regularly and definitely appreciate that moms will have different opinions and preferences on babies and how they should be carried and I respect that not all parents will like BabyBjorn carriers. However, I really wanted to join this conversation because of the statement that BabyBjorn type carriers (which would include BabyBjorn carriers themselves) are linked to hip dysplasia. I want to correct this statement because there actually is no link between our products and hip dysplasia. Even the article referenced above doesn’t include any medical linkage of BabyBjorn type carriers and hip problems. I also wanted to share some medical information from pediatric physicians at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital – one of the top 5 children’s hospitals in the U.S. – that calls out the medical opinion of BabyBjorn carriers: (Check out minute 4:55 of Part 2 of Dr. Amanda Kelly’s video presentation for specifics on hip dysplasia: Thanks for allowing me to share the BabyBjorn perspective and research!

  15. cassidy says:

    I got a bjorn at my shower and like the hype, thought I’d never use it. HA!!! I use it ALLLLL THE TIME and I LOVE it and she loves it…. about to outgrow it and on to an ergo, but I’m glad I didn’t believe the hype… I have the ring sling (she hated it) and also used a kangaroo sling when she was tiny (but the fleece heated her so much)… bjorn was def for me while it lasted :) xo thanks for commenting, amy xo

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