4 Bumps, 5 Babies and a Coordinated Dance [Video]


When I was pregnant (especially for the first time) I remember feeling so huge I could barely move. The first of my friends and family to have a baby, I felt like the odd one out — with only my mom to talk to and ask if feeling like a beached whale was ‘normal’.

My sister is a few years younger then me and yet at that time I remember myself wondering what it would be like to be pregnant at the same time as her (I am still waiting to become an Aunt). Not sure if it would be fun to have someone commiserate with the symptoms or if somehow it would feel less special.

I came across this super cute YouTube video — of 4 sisters all pregnant at the same time moving and shaking better then I can in my non-pregnant state. It gave me a big smile and a realization that there would be nothing more special then sharing this time with your sister(s).

Click through to watch the YouTube clip:

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image: YouTube