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4 Reasons You are Way More Prepared for Your Baby Than You Think

By ilanawiles |

Building on yesterday’s post about the only baby items you need the day you come home from the hospital, today I want to help you relax even further.

If you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy and feeling unprepared, I am here to tell you to put down your baby check list, close your nursery pin boards and stop calling your mother in a panic over the myriad of swaddling options. Concentrate on getting as much rest as possible because you are way more ready for this baby than you think.

Here are five things to put your very pregnant self at ease:

1) Almost everything you need to take care of a newborn in the first couple of weeks, is given to you at the hospital.

Hospitals supply you with a crapload of stuff, all of which you are allowed to take home with you. Pacifiers, receiving blankets/swaddles, nasal aspirators, baby combs, etc. We were even advised to take the plastic bin that all the stuff came in because it doubles as a perfectly sized baby tub. The hospital doesn’t give you soap or shampoo to wash the baby because you shouldn’t use either until week three.

2) Your baby doesn’t care what he/she is wearing or what his/her room looks like.  

I packed an adorable outfit in my hospital bag to bring my baby home in. That outfit was about 1000 sizes too big and never even made it out of the bag. We brought our first child home in hospital grade pajamas, a hat and a fleece sleeping bag that fastens to the car seat. Which was totally fine because it’s not like we had a party of people greeting us at our front door. In fact, you are supposed to keep newborns away from most people for the first six weeks. So, I’m not sure who we thought we were dressing her up for. Plus, she looked way more adorable in a simple onesie than she would have in an oversized frilly jumper.

Also, she did not take one look at her undecorated nursery and scream, “Take me back to the hospital!” She slept in our room for the first three months until the nursery was complete. I decorated the entire thing while I was on maternity leave and I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out.

3) Most baby proofing isn’t really an issue until the baby can move by herself. 

A baby has to be able to move before they are in any real danger of pulling a piece of China out of a cabinet and smashing it over their head. You have at least five months to baby proof. And I don’t care how many times Pregnant in Heels cuts to the knife block on the kitchen counter to illustrate how unsuitable a home is for a child— you can keep it. Children can’t reach the back wall of a countertop until they are around 13.

4) No amount of planning is going to prepare you for what is about to go down in the delivery room.

Every birth is different. Some find labor to be the hardest thing they have ever gone through, some find it to be the most beautiful. Very often it is both. I actually thought giving birth was way easier than I expected. Sure, there were some horribly uncomfortable moments but by the pushing stage, I was actually laughing because the whole scene was so over-the-top ridiculous. My point is, you don’t know if you are going to have a hard labor or an easy one. You don’t know how long it’s going to last or how you are going to feel emotionally. You can write and rewrite your birth plan but I can almost guarantee, it’s not going to go as planned. Sometimes, I think it’s best to roll with the experience instead of wasting time trying to control it.

But that’s me.

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons You are Way More Prepared for Your Baby Than You Think

  1. says:

    hey thanx so much for writing this up! This is my 1st and m just about near end my 2nd trimester. I keep telling myself to calm down with everything, but when i realize hw prepared my friend is with hers and hw mom was during my siblings i panic! Thanx!

  2. koolchicken says:

    I find it amusing you think most children can’t reach the back wall of a countertop until they’re 13. Clearly you haven’t known many ambitious toddlers. I assure you not all kids are interested in what happens above their line of site. But for those that are, all it takes is two seconds with your back turned. My knife block will be up at my eye level and not on the countertop as soon as my son is walking.

  3. JoAnn says:

    I will say though, BRING YOUR OWN WIPES to the hospital. Because you never know, and the hospital I go to has dry wipes that you have to moisten with water before they work. This is not fun to do when you just had a c section, and probably not fun with a vaginal birth either. bring wipes.

  4. ilanawiles says:

    @koolchicken I was being sarcastic. I merely meant that you have a while before you have to go to those lengths of baby proofing. My daughter is 2 1/2 and by the time she could climb, she knew not to touch the knives. Similar to the stove, which you can’t exactly hide in a closet.

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