5 Baby Shower Games That Make Me Want To Pull My Hair Out

baby shower word search
Baby Shower Games Gone BAD! Baby Word Search, NO THANKS!

You’ve attended how many baby showers? Now it’s time for your baby shower and you DO NOT WANT GAMES. Be upfront and tell the host, or else… you could get stuck in the dreaded BABY SHOWER GAMES FROM HELL ZONE. Been there done that, next time I spoke up and believe me… it was WORTH IT!

Me, my sister and sister-n-law have a few things in common… 1 of which is our hatred for stupid baby shower games. While sure, some seem from the outside to be fun and cute – I really would love to know how many people actually like these games?

Here are 5 Baby Shower Games That Make Me Want to Pull My Hair Out!

1. Don’t Say Baby!

WHAT? Aren’t you at a baby shower?  At the last baby shower, I solved this quickly by sitting next to Ms. Competitive talking up BABY until all of my clothing pins were gone. “OH NO, Did I really say “BABY” AGAIN?”

2. How Big Is Mommy? Let’s Pass Toilet Paper Around and Guess How BIG She Really Is!

The thought of someone trying to pull this on me, makes me instantly cry. No seriously. TEARS. I don’t need to be told how big you think I am – nor do I want a visual representation of how big I ACTUALLY am!

3. Guess the Baby Items

Put the baby items in a bag, pass it around and write down what the baby item is. No thanks.

4. Baby Word Search

Solve a crossword puzzle full of baby items. No thanks, I have more fun poking myself in the eyeball with the pencil you gave me.

5. Name That Baby Tune

Just like “Name That Tune” but with BABY MUSIC. Boo.

What is Your Least Favorite Baby Shower Game? What is Your Favorite Baby Shower Game?