5 Benefits to Working While Pregnant

Benefits to Working While Pregnant
Benefits to Working While Pregnant

With each pregnancy I’ve worked at the same company in various positions. I do believe the company you work for, dictates how easy your pregnancy work experience will be. Fortunately, my workplace offers a flexible working environment with women in leadership who are mothers. Read: Working with Women While Pregnant Rocks.

I have several friends who quit their jobs before their pregnancy completed. While I can see how a few weeks before the baby would be great to prep a new addition, and have a little “me” time before chaos sets in – for me, work keeps me sane.

Here are 5 Benefits to Working While Pregnant

1. Money

Money is an obvious benefit to working while pregnant
Money is an obvious benefit to working while pregnant.

Let’s be honest. Money is a driver for working. As a double income family, we are able to afford things that we wouldn’t be able to on a single income. Three kids is expensive – 4 kids will be even more so!

2. Time Flies When the Mind is Occupied

Between meetings and the work that is required for my job, the days fly by.

3. Responsibilities Helps Prevent Baby Brain Drain

Deadlines, to-do’s and plenty of responsibilities, help keep me from falling into the baby brain drain. You know that point where you think all things baby and your brain feels as if it’s turning into mush? I have to be on my “A” game at work, and while I can’t say the baby hasn’t taken away some of my brain power – I still get the job done.

4. Routine Keeps Our Household Running Smoothly

Knowing that I need to be out the door and then return home at a certain time helps keep the house running smoothly. I am awful at setting schedules when they aren’t needed or required. With the responsibility of work, all systems have to be a go. There is no time for slacking or sleeping in. This helps our household run smooth.

5. Having to See People Keeps Me From Frump

As I mentioned before, I have a natural tendency to FRUMP. I hate it and if I didn’t get out of the house and interacting with business associates my yoga pants would be my wardrobe. Frump and self esteem are two things that shouldn’t be combined!

Juggling work life balance isn’t always easy. And balance is in the eye of the beholder – but for me and my family – this is what works for us. Did you know 56% of moms work who have an infant under 1.  (Read more working mom stats)

Are You or Did You Work While Pregnant?

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