5 Pregnancy Symptoms That Have Surprised Me


maternity portrait I thought I was pretty well versed in pregnancy and its symptoms for someone who hadn’t experienced it yet. I have five sisters who had gone through it, a load of friends, and have attended numerous baby showers where all the crazy stories come out. Then I actually got pregnant and the confidence that was once there disappeared.

Sure I knew about the stretch marks, the cravings, the nausea, and other widely talked about symptoms but there are a few that snuck up on me. I’ve found myself using Google to confirm if some of them are pregnancy related or not. And I’m sure there will be plenty more of that as my pregnancy progresses. Here are five that I’ve been surprised by so far:

1. Nosebleeds – I definitely Googled this one.
2. Weird dreams – If you tried to interpret these you’d conclude I’m plain crazy.
3. Heartburn – I down Tums like they’re Skittles.
4. Belching – I feel like Buddy the Elf.
5. Still an A cup – Where are these big bosoms I was promised? Once a flat girl, always a flat girl.

What are some symptoms that have surprised you?

image: David Strohl