5 Reasons My Husband is Excited About This Baby

Despite his expression here (he hates cameras), he really is excited to be a father!

With the birth rapidly approaching, my husband is very excited about the baby’s upcoming birth! Recently he shared with me some of his top reasons why, so today I’m sharing them with you!

  • Unique Baby 1 of 5
    Unique Baby
    A chance to discover who this child is -- to learn about his or her unique personality.
  • Growing and Changing 2 of 5
    Growing and Changing
    A chance to watch a child to grow -- to share in the joy as they meet new milestones like rolling over, crawling, walking, etc.
  • Experienced Parents 3 of 5
    Experienced Parents
    A chance to be a better parent -- It's not all new this time, so hopefully by knowing what to expect it'll be easier!
  • Baby Stuff! 4 of 5
    Baby Stuff!
    We have all the "stuff" we need, so it's practically free! -- A lot of dads can relate to the finances point here!
  • Siblings 5 of 5
    A chance to watch the sibling relationships develop -- Watching our older two is already so precious, it will be amazing to see how all three of them do together!

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