5 Things To Do After a Positive Pregnancy Test

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I can still remember that morning I took my first pregnancy test. The excitement and the fear and the unknown was coursing through me.  The 2 minutes I had to wait for the results felt like a lifetime and when that test showed me 2 pink lines my world changed.


Planning for the new member that will be joining your family soon is an exciting time. It’s also important to make sure you set yourself up for the healthiest pregnancy possible.  Click through for my suggestions on the 5 things you should do after that test turns positive

  • Call Your Close Family and Friends 1 of 5
    Call Your Close Family and Friends
    I know there are some couples who prefer to keep the news to themselves until they pass the first trimester - however it's my suggestion to at least let a handful of people know. So they can share in your joy and be there if something does happen.

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  • Make an Appointment With Your Doctor 2 of 5
    Make an Appointment With Your Doctor
    This first appointment is your time to ask any questions about the upcoming months, to double confirm the pregnancy and to set you up for a positive experience.

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  • Prenatal Pills 3 of 5
    Prenatal Pills
    If you haven't started taking them already, prenatal pills can be especially important in the first trimester.

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  • Stock Up 4 of 5
    Stock Up
    Stocking up on healthy foods including fruits and vegetables and not forgetting the very important water to keep you hydrated.

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  • Enjoy and Celebrate 5 of 5
    Enjoy and Celebrate
    Take the time to celebrate, to enjoy and to dream about the magic that is about to happen.

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