6 Ways Your Pregnant Wife Has Earned a Mother's Day Gift

According to a post over at a new study by the the firm Eric Mower + Associates shows that 60 percent of first-time pregnant moms would love to get a gift from their partners on Mother’s Day. Hilariously, 60 percent of first-time Dads reported that they didn’t think their wife wanted a gift and an additional 11 percent just had “no idea.”


Let me appeal to the sensibilities of all you partners to a first-time pregnant woman: just do something, anything, to acknowledge her this weekend. It doesn’t have to be a fancy spa treatment or a $100 bouquet of flowers. Cook her a healthy and delicious breakfast, let her pick what movie you watch, or take her out for an ice cream. (And click here if you want some more suggestions.)

If you are in the 70 percent of partners scratching your head right now wondering why you should do any of that, allow me to enlighten you: pregnancy is not easy.

Here are 6 Ways Your Pregnant Wife Has Earned a Mother’s Day Gift:

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    mothers day cover 2

    She really has.

  • The Physical Discomfort 2 of 7
    tired pregnant lady

    Even if your wife has moved on from morning sickness (which alone earns her a medal), later in pregnancy there are aches and pains and swelling in things you don't even want to know about. Trust me. 

  • The Commentary 3 of 7

    When people talk to you about how you're having a baby you discuss how excited you are, what names you've picked, etc. For your wife it's all that plus the added bonus of constant commentary on how her body looks. Every day she has people scrutinizing her appearance and it can be really NOT fun. So give her the gift of a foot rub and thank her for taking the heat.

  • The Sacrifices 4 of 7

    I'm almost certain your wife has had to give up something she loves during this pregnancy. Sushi, wine, marathon training, whatever. The point is that she has already made sacrifices for your growing family and many more are coming. 

  • The Stress and Anxiety 5 of 7
    stressed woman

    Your wife is now making decisions that affect two people. Her autonomy is gone and her body is not her own. Should she give up coffee? Did she have enough green vegetables today? What if that rock concert she went to hurt the baby's budding ears? Gah! The stress!

  • Life Changer 6 of 7
    pregnant belly

    Having a baby is a life changing event--for both of you. But so far your wife has done most of the changing. Her waistline, her moods, her diet is all different and some of that may never go back to what she considers "normal". (Don't even get me started on what childbirth will do to her body...)

  • Dude, she’s a MOM 7 of 7
    mom and baby

    From the moment you two saw that positive pee stick or that first ultrasound image you started the journey of being parents. So give her the props she deserves!

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