7 Freaky Pregnancy Symptoms That Should Not Freak You Out


7 Freaky Pregnancy Symptoms You Don't Need to Freak Out About

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t agree that some really weird things happen to your body during pregnancy. But how do you know if your wacky symptoms are just normal pregnancy stuff, or if you should be concerned about them?

Here, I share a few common and freaky pregnancy symptoms that aren’t generally cause for alarm. Did you suffer from any of these? What weird pregnancy symptom plagued you during your nine months?

The information provided here is not intended as medical advice. As always, you should seek the help of your doctor if you are concerned about any of your own pregnancy symptoms.

  • Otherworldly Discharge 1 of 7
    Otherworldly Discharge
    Say goodbye to your usual discharge and prep yourself for out-of-this-world discharge. It's common for it to be slimy and yellow, or thick and white. While it may be shocking, there's no cause for alarm. This change in discharge is known as leukorrhea.
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  • Brown Spots & Skin Tags 2 of 7
    Brown Spots & Skin Tags
    Changes in skin are fairly common during pregnancy. My face got less oily and my chest got rashy. Other common skin changes are brown spots and skin tags appearing during pregnancy. Most of the time, your skin will return to its pre-pregnancy state.
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  • Pain in the… Tailbone! 3 of 7
    Pain in the... Tailbone!
    I suffered from this symptom too. Your joints shift and become looser when you're pregnant so that your belly is free to do what it must.
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  • Numb Hands 4 of 7
    Numb Hands
    Many pregnant women's feet and hands swell at some point during the nine months. But women who suffered from carpal tunnel before pregnancy will often have hands that go numb.
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  • Tender Gums 5 of 7
    Tender Gums
    Hormonal changes and your increased blood supply can leave your gums feeling extra sensitive. This isn't anything to worry about. But all pregnant women should maintain good oral health throughout their pregnancies.
    Source: The Stir
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  • Different-smelling Pee 6 of 7
    Different-smelling Pee
    If your pee smells differently to you, it could be because your overall sense of smell changes during pregnancy. But it could also simply be because of all the bodily changes your pregnancy brings.
    Source: The Stir
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  • Metallic Taste in Mouth 7 of 7
    Metallic Taste in Mouth
    I had this during my first trimester, and regardless of the nervous comments I received about some deficiency being behind the awful taste in my mouth, my doctors told me and my blood work showed that it was nothing to worry about. We can, once again, blame hormonal changes for this no-need-to-worry pregnancy symptom.
    Source: The Stir
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