7 Reasons I Am Considering Hiring a Doula


I have had a lot of time to think about how I would like my next and likely last labor and birth to go. I have been dreaming of adding another baby for over 2 years now and actively trying to conceive for 14 months now.

My previous labors and births have been okay. The first one, there are many things that happened that I would go back and change if I could and when I gave birth to my younger two, the labor and delivery went more like I had hoped.

Since I have to be induced for medical reasons — I can’t naturally go into labor on my own, my births are more “medical” than I hoped they would be, but it’s reality and I have to make the best of it. I have been putting some serious thought into hiring a birth doula to make the medical birth the best birth for my situation so I can walk away feeling positive, supported and with good memories of my last labor.

Here are 7 reasons I am considering hiring a doula for my next labor and birth:

  • Why I am Considering a Doula 1 of 8
    Why I am Considering a Doula
    There are many benefits of hiring a doula, and here are 7 reasons I am considering it.
  • They Stick Around After Birth 2 of 8
    They Stick Around After Birth
    Doulas are not only there for just the labor and birth, but many can offer support after the baby is born too. You have support right away for breastfeeding and some even help around the house.
  • Babies Are More Likely to Thrive 3 of 8
    Babies Are More Likely to Thrive
    In a study conducted by The Cochrane Collaboration in 2011, women who are better supported through birth are more likely to have babies who thrive and are less likely to receive low apgar scores after birth.
  • Assist In An Easier Birth 4 of 8
    Assist In An Easier Birth
    A doula can help ease the birth through support, answering questions, easing fears and advocating on your behalf.
  • Advocate For My Birth Plan 5 of 8
    Advocate For My Birth Plan
    I like to have a birth plan for my labors and birth and while some people or doctors may think it's silly, it's important to me. Having a doula there with me will help with making my birth plans a reality for me.
  • More Informed Decisions 6 of 8
    More Informed Decisions
    There are times where I can feel scared during birth. Yes, even though I am experienced and have a great medical team, the fear creeps in due to my miscarriage past. Having a doula around may help me make more informed decisions that are less based on fear.
  • Support For My Partner, Too 7 of 8
    Support For My Partner, Too
    While labor and birth are more about the woman, my partner can use support too. I don't usually have short labors, and having a doula there can help him as well as me.
  • Less Likely to Need a C-Section 8 of 8
    Less Likely to Need a C-Section
    In that same study done by The Cochrane Collaboration, it was noted that women who receive continuous support during birth are less likely to need a c-section and that's something I am trying to avoid.

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