7 Reasons Why I Won't Get Genetic Testing During My Pregnancy


7 Reasons Not to Get Genetic Testing

I’m sure people are going to pounce on me, call me irresponsible, and accuse me of neglecting my prenatal care. But that doesn’t bother me. I know I’m taking good care of myself and of my twin babies, and I’m receiving great prenatal medical care.

So I’m totally confident in my decision not to get genetic testing done during my pregnancy no amniocentesis, no triple screen test, and no quad test. None of it.

And here are my reasons why…

  • I Wouldn’t End My Pregnancy 1 of 7
    I Wouldn't End My Pregnancy
    While I understand that some women choose to end their pregnancies upon learning that their baby has a birth defect, I would not.
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  • I’d Be Uselessly Anxious About the Results 2 of 7
    I'd Be Uselessly Anxious About the Results
    I'd likely be more stressed out and suffer from more anxiety while waiting for the results of the genetic testing. I'd rather keep my stress levels and anxiety to a minimum while pregnant.
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  • I’m Uncomfortable with the Invasiveness and Risks of an Amniocentesis 3 of 7
    I'm Uncomfortable with the Invasiveness and Risks of an Amniocentesis
    Sure, amnios are common enough. But that doesn't reassure me any regarding their safety. I have zero desire to be stabbed with that long needle or to risk miscarriage or infection just to know if either of my babies has an extra chromosome.
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  • Results Aren’t Accurate 4 of 7
    Results Aren't Accurate
    My doctor specifically told me that false-positive results occur anywhere from 5-8 percent of the time. Considering the outcome wouldn't affect my decision in keeping the babies, I see no reason to risk being given a false test result.
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  • A Birth Defect Wouldn’t Change My Love for My Babies 5 of 7
    A Birth Defect Wouldn't Change My Love for My Babies
    If either of my babies has something wrong with them, I will go on loving them just as I do now. And we'll cross that bridge should we ever come to it.
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  • I Don’t Have Any of the ‘High Risk’ Factors for Defects 6 of 7
    I Don't Have Any of the 'High Risk' Factors for Defects
    I'm not yet 35, which would put me in the higher-risk category for birth defects, nor do I have a familial history of birth defects, and I haven't been exposed to high levels of radiation. For someone in my shoes, genetic testing seems utterly pointless.
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  • I Was Screened for a Slew of Genetic Defects at My Fertility Center 7 of 7
    I Was Screened for a Slew of Genetic Defects at My Fertility Center
    Not only was I tested for a ton of genetic abnormalities at my fertility center before I even got pregnant, our sperm donor was also tested for a bunch. I'm done with the testing, and ready to simply enjoy my pregnancy.
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