7 Ridiculous Pregnancy Products


A lot of women are concerned about what exactly they’ll need during pregnancy — from maternity jeans to belly lotion to prenatal vitamins. Pregnant women have different opinions on which products are “pregnancy must-haves” (although here is our list of 15 pregnancy must-haves), but what about what you don’t need?

There’s a huge market for pregnant women, but you can scratch these 7 ridiculous pregnancy products off your to-buy list:

1. Baby Plus Prenatal Education


2. Intelligent Gender Prediction Test Kit

For those truly impatient parents-to-be who would rather waste spend $30 than wait a few weeks.

3. I’m Not Fat, I’m Pregnant

…And other corny pregnancy t-shirts.

4. Wearing Your Sonogram

We know you’re excited, but this is a little much.

5. Safe Stork Flag

On the one hand, we did like these cute (and small) expecting mom car decals to warn others that there’s a fetus next to your steering wheel (so stop driving like a jerk!) — but these flags seem a bit self-congratulating, no? We’d even go so far as to use the word “obnoxious.”

6. $100 Delivery Gowns

You’re aware of what happens during childbirth, right? If you want to deliver in something other than a standard hospital gown, here are some stylish yet affordable delivery gowns.