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7 Things I Swore I Would Never Do While Pregnant (But Am Totally Doing Anyway)

By Katie |

I am a line in the sand kind of person. I make decisions, often totally arbitrarily, and then I stick by them, often for no good reason at all. I do not pretend to be rational, I’m just decisive about certain things. For example, I refuse to watch any shows containing the name Housewives in them. Ditto with Bachelor/Bachelorette. And then, I totally watch Glee every week. It’s clearly not an issue of me only liking quality television as much as just creating totally made up standards.

So that’s why it’s become somewhat troubling how many of these lines in the sand have been crossed during pregnancy. Some of these lines are relatively rational, some were from pure laziness, others were, well, for no reason. And they have all been quickly crossed and a part of my regular routine. I’m not sure what this baby is doing to me, it’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

So without further ado, these are the 7 things I swore I would never do, but am totally doing while pregnant, besides posting totally unflattering pictures of myself to amuse strangers. Because obviously.

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7 Life Rules I Am Breaking While Pregnant

Wear shirts with bows

I'm just not a girly girl. I would happily wear t-shirts and yoga pants, without a bra, every day of my life if allowed. I mean, I'd wear the bra when I leave the house, but only then. I'm just not frilly. Pregnancy clothes are frilly, and I feel kinda girly in them. Maybe even in a good way. I currently own 2 shirts with bows, I'll be interested to see if that number continues to grow in the next 2.5 months.

What lines in the sand have you crossed during pregnancy?

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0 thoughts on “7 Things I Swore I Would Never Do While Pregnant (But Am Totally Doing Anyway)

  1. Janet says:

    I adore the ‘girly’ look on you! The look is very sophisticated and gorgeous! Could be used for an afternoon out with friends or a night on the down with the husband! Keep it up, even after the little man arrives! I adore it, and I’m sure the husband does as well!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Hot dogs are also a no-no more because they’re full of nitrates. That’s not to say I didn’t have a few of the 1/2 lb. Costco buck-fifty ones when I was pregnant.

  3. Debbie says:

    I guess the line I had previously drawn in the sand for pregancy and have since crossed is: you don’t tell people until after at least 10 weeks unless you really want to explain a misscarraige to the world. That was the rule we held to with #1 and had planned to hold to with #2 because that’s “what everyone does”. But my eager side got me looking into miscarraige rate statistics per week and after 6 weeks, your risk is only 5 to 10%, closer to 5% if you have seen a heart beat and have pregnancy symptoms. And at 8.5 weeks to birth you only have a 2% chance of miscarraige. Since I have real bad nausea, good maternal health and age and we’d see a heart beat, we elected to tell everyone at 7weeks 6days. Statistically speaking, that’s pretty darn safe. I think the old rule of always waiting until 10 weeks is over cautious :P .

  4. katie says:

    Lisa- I actually bought the nitrate free ones. :)

  5. Katie says:

    Katie! I usually read this site as some weird sort of punishment / amusement. I can’t stand the judgies, yet can’t stop reading them; and judging them for judging. ugh. Your article made me crack up from the first sentence. I never thought to describe it that way, but I too am an arbitrary line drawer and rule follower. I’m currently 8 months with number 2 and it’s exactly the same. Ditto on the crying, reading message boards and and and.
    By the way, I think the universe was getting back at me for being so emotionally stoic. I pretty much cried every single day for about 10 months when my daughter was born. I can still cry if I let myself, but my old self is a little more in the driver’s seat finally. Wait until all your emotions happen to you while you watch yourself feel stuff you didn’t know you felt.
    I also laughed because today my preggo pants rolled down to under my belly under the stress of having to stay up over this thing that is now my stomach. I truly missed the sensation of being wrapped in lycra up to my pits.

    For what it’s worth- I never followed any of the pregnancy diet rules. They are seriously culturally biased. I’m eating sushi right now and did with my daughter too. She’s a perfect, happy, genius by the way. What’s crazy is you shouldn’t eat something as wonderful as sushi, but squeeze cheese is ok?

    So thanks for the first article on here that I’ve actually enjoyed- in a healthy way.

  6. Al_Pal says:

    Heh. I’ve owned very few bows in my life. And I love going braless at home. ;-)

  7. Tragic Sandwich says:

    @Debbie, I think those stats probably vary with age. In the past five years I’ve had one full-term pregnancy and four miscarriages, and we saw heartbeats with all of them.

    The “rule” I’ve heard is this: Until you’ve finished your first trimester, tell only those people you’re also comfortable telling about your miscarriage. It sounds morbid and defeatist, but in fact it means that if things go wrong, there are fewer people to update with sad news.

  8. Becky says:

    With my first I didn’t even take Tylenol when I had a headach! Needless to say with my 2 I took everything I could when I was sick, and even drank soda! (gasp) lol they are both perfect beautiful little boys!

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