7 Things You Just Don’t Do Anymore When You’re Pregnant


7 Things You Just Don't Do Anymore When You're Pregnant

When people learned of my pregnancy or even my plans to get pregnant they would often say, “Oh boy, your life will never be the same again.” And while I don’t yet fully understand exactly what that means, and I won’t know until May when the twins are born, I do know that my life has already changed.

Parenthood changes you. No doubt. But pregnancy also changes you. Priorities shift. Feelings become clearer. And more intense. Your outlook on life is more realized. Slowly, you find yourself swapping the chips for carrot sticks because you know this is no longer about just you.

So today, I salute all the pregnant mamas-to-be out there by sharing 7 Things You Just Don’t Do Anymore When You’re Pregnant.

  • You Don’t Miss the Chance to Poop 1 of 7
    You Don't Miss the Chance to Poop
    Yes, I said it. And you all know it's true. Pregnancy often leaves us slower than usual, if not all-out constipated. Under non-pregnant conditions, you might think twice about "going" in a public restroom or at work. But when you're pregnant, and the chance to go to the bathroom slowly sneaks up on you, you simply don't miss it. You go when you can. Plain and simple.
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  • You Don’t Spend Recklessly 2 of 7
    You Don't Spend Recklessly
    Somehow, pregnancy shines a whole new light on things, and those really pretty earrings just don't seem as important of a purchase when you know Little Grayson's on his way. All the small buys add up, and you know that money can be better used.
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  • You Don’t Leave Without Your Water Bottle 3 of 7
    You Don't Leave Without Your Water Bottle
    Before I was pregnant, if I realized I forgot my water bottle by the time I got to my car, I'd say, "Oh, I can just wait until I get home." But not now! I remember my reusable water bottle like it's my cellphone. Staying hydrated is such an important part of pregnancy, and it's so much easier to do when you have water on you at all times.
    Love my water bottle? I do! It's a glass, reusable, BPA-free bottle from Lifefactory. Check them out HERE.
  • You Don’t Watch Scary Movies Involving Children or Pregnancy 4 of 7
    You Don't Watch Scary Movies Involving Children or Pregnancy
    And you don't read the news stories about harmed children, for that matter. The movies are just too creepy, and the stories are just too sad and disturbing. Not that there's ever a "welcomed" time to hear such news, but when you're growing a new life inside of you, the scary and bad stuff are just too much to handle.
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  • You Don’t Skip the Opportunity to Nap 5 of 7
    You Don't Skip the Opportunity to Nap
    Sure, there's laundry that needs to be done, and the dishes are piling up, but few chores and activities are as necessary as napping. Some days, I'm more tired than others, and I honor that by napping when I need to (and when I genuinely can; obviously, I can't sleep at work). I get my chores and errands done when I have more energy. And since I know sleep will soon be nothing more than a memory, I have zero guilt napping and ignoring life.
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  • You Don’t Drive Fast 6 of 7
    You Don't Drive Fast
    I've never been much of a speed demon, though I do have a lead foot on the highway. And I can't stand when people don't drive at least the speed limit. But now that I'm expecting, there isn't a thing I'd do to put my Little Ones in danger.
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  • You Don’t Desire Alcohol 7 of 7
    You Don't Desire Alcohol
    I've been known to enjoy an evening glass of wine (or three), and the occasional and delicious extra dry, extra dirty martini. And while I was trying to get pregnant, I wondered if I'd miss it because I knew I wouldn't touch it for nine months. And I can honestly say that I haven't had a single desire whatsoever to have a drink. In fact, the thought actually grosses me out.
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