8 Gentler Ways That A Pregnancy Test Could Break The "Not Positive" News


8 Nicer Ways a Pregnancy Test Should Say "Not Pregnant" For Those Trying to ConceiveI don’t have good news and that sucks!

I just passed my 7th month trying to conceive and it was again, not successful. I had  hopes that it was not going to take this long, especially since it never has in the past, but here I am moving on to the next month.

I hate getting that “Not Pregnant” result from a pregnancy test. I imagine for some it can be comforting if you weren’t hoping for a baby, but since I have been trying to conceive, it’s like a stab in the heart.

I wish that pregnancy tests could be a little more sensitive when delivering the news. We’re hoping with all our might and our fingers are tightly crossed, and then we’re not pregnant. The “negative” and “not” words don’t exactly help us stay positive during a very stressful and difficult time.

Click through to read what I think pregnancy tests should say instead of “Not Pregnant” when trying to conceive:

  • Not Yet. 1 of 8
    Not Yet.
    A "not yet" is much easier to hear than a simple "NOT." It may not sound like too much of a difference, but the "not yet" contains a great deal of hope.
    Photo credit: modified from jencu / Flickr
  • I’m Sorry :( 2 of 8
    I'm Sorry :(
    A sensitive-to-our-situation test can help us when we're wanting someone (or in this case, something) to understand.
    Photo credit: modified from Fred Jala / Flickr
  • Try Soon. 3 of 8
    Try Soon.
    Maybe it's not quite test day and you should try again in a few days just to see.
    Photo credit: modified from jencu / Flickr
  • I Wish I Didn’t Have to Say. 4 of 8
    I Wish I Didn't Have to Say.
    A test that is a bit more kind about delivering the news would be quite helpful. Break it to us gently!
    Photo credit: modified from Fred Jala / Flickr
  • Soon, I Hope. 5 of 8
    Soon, I Hope.
    If the test is hoping that you are pregnant too, it feels like it's on your side instead of always against you.
    Photo credit: modified from janineomg / Flickr
  • Rooting 4U. 6 of 8
    Rooting 4U.
    A cheering squad is always a good thing to have in your corner when you're up against something that breaks your heart month after month.
    Photo credit: modified from jencu / Flickr
  • Here’s To Next Month! 7 of 8
    Here's To Next Month!
    Another positive spin to a negative situation. If the test hasn't given up hope, we can't either.
    Photo credit: modified from Fred Jala / Flickr
  • This SUCKS! 8 of 8
    This SUCKS!
    There are times where that's all we need to hear. Or in this case, read.
    Photo credit: modified from janineomg / Flickr

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