8 Parenting Pictures That Will Make You Laugh


This is from a file on my desktop called, simply, “funny.” It’s just a collection of images that have somehow crossed my path over the years of being plugged into the co-called “parenting community.”

There are lots of funny comics and snaps out there but all of these ones really did make me laugh. And some even made me think. But mostly they made me laugh.

Without further ado:

  • From the Barbie “Realistic Expectations” ™ Dream House 1 of 8
    From the Barbie "Realistic Expectations" â„¢ Dream House
  • They are going to make great parents. 2 of 8
    They are going to make great parents.
  • When dads multitask… 3 of 8
    When dads multitask...
  • Owning it. 4 of 8
    Owning it.
  • This guy gets a beer. 5 of 8
    This guy gets a beer.
  • It’s complicated. 6 of 8
    It's complicated.
  • Those Legos can be brutal. 7 of 8
    Those Legos can be brutal.
  • Fertility (party) planning. 8 of 8
    Fertility (party) planning.


All photos courtesy of the Facebook page of Jerald D. White, M.D., OB/GYN.

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