8 Pregnancy Rules You Won't Catch Me Breaking

8 Pregnancy Rules I Won't Break During Pregnancy via Babble.comAs I sit here again in another 2-week wait, waiting to test to see if sperm-met-egg-then-implanted, I am daydreaming about being pregnant again. My initial dream is of course, a healthy and strong pregnancy — which never seems to come too easy for me.

Beyond that, I start thinking about how things will be different this time. My three kids are much older — with the three of them only having 3 years between them, I wonder what it will be like for the family dynamic now that they’re old enough to ‘get’ what’s going to happen. I think about how much more relaxed I am, how much more trusting I am of my body and of the whole process and how I am less afraid in general.

Even with all my experience in being pregnant, there are still some rules of pregnancy that I won’t break. Yes, there are some that are kind of crazy (hello? Why can’t I lay on my right side?), but there are some I believe are ‘rules’ for good reason.

Click through to read 8 pregnancy rules you won’t catch me breaking when I’m pregnant:

  • Avoid First- & Second-Hand Smoke 1 of 8
    Avoid First- & Second-Hand Smoke
    I am not a smoker myself & never have been, so the first-hand shouldn't be hard to avoid. I hate the smell in normal life and even more so while pregnant so I will be doing all I can to avoid the smoke. Also, it's not unlike me to yell at someone smoking near me.
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  • No Alcohol 2 of 8
    No Alcohol
    There are some people who are okay with a glass or two every week while pregnant, but I am not one of those people. For me, if something did turn up with the baby I would forever wonder, and alcohol is never worth that for me.
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  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt 3 of 8
    Always Wear Your Seat Belt
    There are some women who say they are too big for the seat belt in the car or it feels uncomfortable. If I ever get to the point of being too big, I will take another route than the car. It's important for safety!
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  • Exercise Moderately 4 of 8
    Exercise Moderately
    I believe exercise is important while pregnant and will follow the moderate exercise rule. I am not a vigorous exerciser now, so I will keep the pace while pregnant.
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  • Don’t Change the Cat Litter 5 of 8
    Don't Change the Cat Litter
    I have no idea if the risk of Taxoplasmosis is real when it comes to my never-outside cats, but it's the only time I get to use this excuse, so I will use it.
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  • You’re on Bed Rest 6 of 8
    You're on Bed Rest
    I have been on bed rest before -- 3 times -- and totally get how annoying and hard it is to do with little ones around. I will not ignore the advice of my trusting doctor if they feel it's in my (& the babe's) best interest. Other things can wait.
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  • Be Mindful of Your Weight Gain 7 of 8
    Be Mindful of Your Weight Gain
    There is this standard calculated amount of weight we're ideally supposed to gain while pregnant. I have a harder time with keeping the weight on, so I will always be mindful of how much weight I am gaining or losing.
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  • Take Your Multi-Vitamin Daily 8 of 8
    Take Your Multi-Vitamin Daily
    I have been taking my prenatal now for 7 months and I am not even pregnant yet. There are some people who feel okay with skipping this daily vitamin, but I'm not on that list. Again, not worth the risk to me. I will not skip a dose of the multivitamin or any of my other essential meds for pregnancy.
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