8 Reasons I'll Be Happy to Be Done with the First Trimester


Today marks the start of my 13th week, the last week of my first trimester. That got me thinking, what will I miss about the first trimester?

When I realized that list was *very* short, I decided to compile some reasons that I’ll be happy to be done with the first trimester. That list–I must admit–was much more lengthy and satisfying to come up with. Have I missed any good ones? Let me know!

1. I’m tired of being tired.

2. Goodbye morning sickness!

3. It’s no fun being too big for your regular pants but too small for maternity ones.

4. I’d like to look pregnant rather than merely fat.

5. I’ll be able to tell people I’m pregnant without being judged about telling them too early in the pregnancy.

6. Second trimester miscarriage rates drop to 1 to 5 percent of pregnancies between 13 and 19 weeks.

7. I’ll finally get to feel the baby move (and not just strange gastrointestinal distresses).

8. Only 27 more weeks to go!

Photo via Pregnancy All Health