84 Days—Give or Take


Today marks the beginning of week 28 of my pregnancy.

WEEK 28!

Which means I have just 12 short weeks until my due date. How did that happen? It feels like not so long ago I was staring at that pink plus sign wondering if I would miscarry this baby like I had the last two.

And with each passing week I was able to breathe a little easier with the realization that we might be okay this time around. We might make it to the end and come out of this crazy experience called pregnancy with another little human to add to our family of three.

So here I am, just about 84 days away from doing just that. Dealing with IVs and labor pains. Epidurals and ice chips. Nurses asking me if I’ve pooped yet. Stinky little diapers and tiny little clothes.

Our triangle will be a rectangle.
My son will be a brother.
I will have sleepless nights and swollen leaky boobs all over again.

I can’t wait.