9 Must-Have Baby Onesies


One of the things that I’ve never been able to resist buying are unique baby onesies.

Everyone tells you not to buy much for your baby, as you’ll get everything you need and more at your showers. But, I just wanted to buy something for my babies when I was pregnant.

Onesies were my cheap fix.

Each of my babies spent more time in these than most anything else they owned. Paired with a fun pair of leggings, they were ready to conquer the day.

Here are 9 adorable and unique onesies to get your collection started.

1. Bird on a Bike $12

2. Bird on a Branch $34

3. Copyright & Name $26

4. Worth the Wait $15

5. Cherry Blossom $18

6. Giraffe $9

7. Copy & Paste $28

8. Word $16

9. Monthiversaries $75

Okay, are you hooked now?

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