A Beautiful Heart


As I said yesterday, today was our repeat ultrasound to get another look at the baby’s heart. As much as I tried to be levelheaded, I came a little unraveled in my sleep. It seems that my subconscious didn’t get the message that we were going to be calm and rational.

We got up and went to my OB’s office to pick up the ultrasound requisition form, which was of course, no where to be found. I don’t know what it is about organization at doctor’s offices, but I swear they only lose things when they are important and time sensitive. And somehow they never lose bills. So weird.

We arrived at the Maternal Fetal Medicine department and signed in amidst a sea of pregnant women, most of them much farther along than I am, several of them in active labor. Which, gah, is scary. And then we were called back for our scan.

They essentially re-did the entire anatomical survey, measured all our little guy’s bones and organs and then went to work looking at his heart. The ultrasound tech obviously couldn’t tell us anything, aside from that he was measuring exactly on one of his due dates and that he was definitely DEFINITELY still a boy. So she left and got the MFM doctor to come take a look.

I was shocked when it was the same doctor as our last ultrasound because they alternate frequently, but she remembered us and went quickly to work looking at his heart. For 10 minutes she took picture after picture, without really cluing us in on anything. She flipped from the standard black and white to the blood flow version which swirled reds and blues on the screen as we watched. To say it was the longest 10 minutes of my life would be a vast understatement.

In the end she pronounced his heart “beautiful.” Apparently they finally got the view they needed to rule out whatever they were concerned about. All 4 chambers are working properly and everything looks perfect. She said that unless something comes up, we don’t need any further ultrasounds or monitoring.

There are simply no words to convey the relief we feel today, knowing that our son’s heart is normal. Knowing that he is right on track in every way they could measure him. And well, he’s also really really cute. Even if 3D ultrasound pictures are a little like an inkblot test. If you can’t tell, you can take my word for it.

He’s a looker with a beautiful little heart.