A Belly Grows…


Here’s some pregnancy documentation inspiration for you: Guy takes pic after pic of his pregnant wife, arranges them sequentially. The result is an adorably herky-jerky-hip time-lapse video of a pregnancy in progress.

It doesn’t hurt that the pregnant woman on display is cute as a button and wearing what seems to be most of the American Apparel collection. Perhaps she’s an employee? I’m just impressed to see that anyone can pull that stuff off while pregnant. Though it always seemed like a creative solution to maternity fashion, I found that the reality I saw in the dressing room was somewhat less adorable.

Though the styling doesn’t hurt, I could see that this would be a pretty cute way to archive belly growth, and not so hard to do, either. To keep the frame consistent, mark a spot on the floor where you’ll get your picture taken regularly. And take a tip from the mom in this video: take a bunch of pics in each session (unless you’re a posing genius, you’ll want to throw out at least half) and don’t be afraid to ham it up!

see the video after the jump.

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.