A Better Baby Registry


I finally started – and completed! – my baby registry last week. I was, quite honestly, dreading the process because I knew it involved a lot of education and research about what exactly to register for. It wasn’t so bad, though – especially after my blog readers weighed in with their recommendations.

Once I knew what to register for, I had to decide where to register. And that’s when I discovered an amazing site that allows you to register at multiple online stores… all in one location.

Click through to read my recommendation for a better baby registry!

You’ve got to check out The site allows you to register for gifts from a variety of online retailers – so I could choose gifts from Amazon, Babies ‘R Us, and Etsy. When you sign up for an account, MyRegistry installs a little button at the top of your browser, and whenever you are on a website that features a gift you’d like to register for, you simply click “Add to My Registry” – and it does!

Other advantages to MyRegistry:

  • MyRegistry automatically searches for the best price, so your gift-givers get the best deal.
  • You can also register for cash gifts.
  • You can use an iPhone and the MyRegistry app to scan gifts into your registry at a brick-and-mortar store, as you traditionally would when registering for gifts.
  • You can post your registry to Facebook.
  • You can make your registry private with a password.
  • You can hide your shipping address.

I’m loving MyRegistry – it’s totally a registry for the modern age.

Where did you register? Did you go into a store or register entirely online? I hate shopping so online registries really appealed to me!

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