A Genius Idea For New Moms


breastfeeding basket Being Pregnant blogger alum Alyson has had some great mom guest posters on her blog Unruly Things. New mom Jaime shared a helpful tip from her breastfeeding class instructor – have a nursing basket! Although I’m at least nine months away from nursing, that doesn’t stop me from bookmarking a good idea when I see one.

Here are some suggestions of what should be included in the basket:

  • a snack 1 of 8
    a snack
  • a water bottle 2 of 8
    a water bottle
  • a baby blanket 3 of 8
    a baby blanket
  • a one hand read 4 of 8
    a one hand read
  • a diaper and wipes 5 of 8
    a diaper and wipes
  • a phone 6 of 8
    a phone
  • a burp cloth 7 of 8
    a burp cloth
  • a feeding journal 8 of 8
    a feeding journal

Visit Unruly Things to see Jaime’s suggestions for cute baskets to hold all your essentials.

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