A Girl & A Boy for Mariah and Nick!


When Mariah Cary and Nick Cannon spilled the beans that they were expecting twins, the first question most of Hollywood, and the rest of the world was… Are they boys… or girls… or maybe one of each?

Well, after months of suspense, they have revealed the twins Mariah is carrying are in fact different genders. One boy, and one girl for the couple!

If I was to ever have twins, I can certainly say, a boy and girl would be my pick, not that parents have a choice!

But now the nursery planning, and all that fun stuff gets hard… two of everything, and nothing interchangeable. While some parents are perfectly fine with boys wearing or sleeping in pink, and visa versa, most first time parents want to over do it all around… and I am sure Mariah and Nick will be the same!

Congrats to the happy couple on their babies!

Now we just have to wait till April to find out their names!  Or will they slip up before April rolls around?

photo: famecrawler

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