A Good Day in the Life of 26-Week-Pregnant Me

My beverage of choice for the day: EasyDex. Orange, please.

Last week was a dreary and blustery one in this part of the country. I was cooped up for too long with my two-year-old, and he was definitely cooped up for too long with me. We tried everything I could think of: play dates, lunch dates, let’s-go-to-the-mall dates. But by Friday, we had both had it.

Relief comes in varying forms. For me, it was getting to go to a doctor’s appointment without my beloved sidekick. On Friday morning I headed to the doctor solo to carry out a follow up on the status of my placenta. I am (eternally) grateful for the friend who just moved here, and took my boy off my hands so I could go to my appointment without worrying about how many snacks and treats to pack, or figuring out just how I might keep his busy body contained in a stroller for a couple hours.

It was nice to be alone, for once. The past six weeks have been full of optimism and prayer, with a good dose of realistic perspective and mental preparation. And, I am so relieved to say that though my chances were good that the thing wouldn’t budge, my placenta has journeyed to a nice, safe spot well outside of the “delivery zone.” I am officially placenta previa-free. The technician even said it looked like my little girl was using it to cushion her head like a pillow on a car ride.

What a relief! No more pelvic rest, and no more fear of bed rest or a C-section. So, how does this 26-week pregnant woman celebrate? With a cold, classic bottle of Easy Dex, in the world’s least extravagant environment: LabCorp. My, how my idea of indulgence has changed—I was just so relieved to sit there and do … absolutely nothing.

I flipped through grimy copies of “Good Housekeeping,” glucose coursing through my veins, knowing that one of my children was in good hands and the other, at least, has a nice pillow to rest on for the next 12-or-so weeks.

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