A Pregnancy Superfood, With Help from Madonna


This hot weather is brutal. Since pregnant women have special dehydration risks, it’s important to drink lots and lots of water or other fluids. Sports drinks give you back some of what you lose when you sweat, along with other things you might not want: corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, food dyes,artificial flavors.

Luckily, there’s a natural solution that happens to be 100% natural, high in electrolytes, low in calories,  and endorsed by Madonna.

Long popular in other parts of the world, coconut water is becoming increasingly easy to find on American shelves. It’s been attracting attention from health conscious consumers in the past few years, including some famous ones. Madonna (who, as we all know, is a VERY health conscious consumer) decided to give it a bit more than her attention.

Yes, Madonna is such a fan of coconut water that she decided to invest in her favorite coconut water company. In a pretty big way. She put 1.5 million dollars into Vita Coco a few months ago: that’s how much Madonna  loves coconut water.

Despite my lack of personal investment in the product, I’m sure I love coconut water just as much as Madonna.  I’ve been singing its praises since I first it resuscitated me from dehydration-induced-exhaustion, probably on a blazing summer day like the ones we’ve been slugged with in New York lately. And as I was enjoying a gulp the other day, I thought of how perfect this beverage would be for pregnant women— a group who, as we know, are especially in need of staving off dehydration, and the complications it can encourage—and always in search of a good beverage. Oddly enough, others had the same idea as I did.  (I mean, besides Madonna.)

photo: harisankar/flickr