A Roadblock in Our Baby-Making Plans: Moving on to Infertility Testing


A Roadblock in Our Baby-Making Plans: Moving on to Infertility TestingWell, things rarely work out how you think they will, do they?

I have been writing here on Being Pregnant for over a year now and the journey has been an interesting one. I started with sharing our marital debates over having more children — with me suffering from crazy baby fever and my husband on the fence.

That moved to our decision to start the process of building our family. You’ve seen me through 2 more miscarriages and have offered your words of support and encouragement as we grieved the losses and held on to hope we would have a healthy pregnancy soon.

Now it seems we will be on another journey together — one I was hoping to avoid, but the process has started and it’s hard to ignore what I’ve been seeing on my basal body charts.

I don’t appear to be regularly ovulating.

I have been charting for almost a year and a half now and have only 4 months of clear ovulation. Out of 2 of those I managed to get pregnant but miscarried early.

I have been SO nervous to go to the doctor about this — though I have had some idea that things have not quite been right. I don’t know why I have been hesitant, but finally last week I went to the doctor. While it has been 7 months of active trying which may not seem long to many, noticing a pattern with my ovulation (or lack there of) and our miscarriage history, we don’t want to put getting it looked at any further.

Last week my husband and I went to our doctor and chatted about what’s been going on. Tomorrow I go and get a whole lot of blood work done to check hormone levels, my kidney function and blood sugar. I am also getting an ultrasound done to check for ovarian cysts and how the uterine lining is doing.

Then, next week I will meet with our doctor to find out the plan of action and results of the basic testing. Depending on the results of my test, there is also the sperm test my husband will likely get done. I am hopeful there ‘reason’ will be found out if there is one and we can get this show on the road.

In the mean time we are still actively trying and hoping for the best and hoping (so hoping) that we will get our (sticky) positive test soon.

I never thought I would have issues getting pregnant as well as staying pregnant.

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