A Pregnancy Journal...via Facebook Updates?


facebook status Remember back when we told you about unique ideas to document your pregnancy — from stop-motion video to Twitter updates of your baby’s fetal movement?

Well we found a new one, and it certainly is unique.

We found a site that turns your status updates into a pretty photo book that reads like a diary, giving you a snapshot of your thoughts, activities and events during your three trimesters. Whether you’re constantly uploading ultrasound photos or just giving unrelated tid-bits of your life, this is an easy way to remember this momentous time:


The site is called JotJournal, and you can see a free sample book right on their Web site by just giving them access to your Facebook. Typically a journal costs $15, but you can get one for only $7.50 with the coupon code: SAVE. And just think: you’ll be the first generation to ever have a Facebook pregnancy journal.

P.S.: You might want to avoid posting these types of status updates.