Alanis Morissette is Pregnant..and Playing An OB on TV


Singer and actress Alanis Morissette announced her pregnancy in Us magazine this week. The dad is her new husband, rapper “Souleye”. The two were married at their home in LA in May.

Alanis may have more intimate experience with the world of pregnancy than most celebrity moms due to her latest TV role: She plays an OB-GYN.

Which isn’t that ironic.  But I feel compelled to mention that as I think Alanis is single-handedly responsbile for a generation’s worth of malapropisms.

(Rain on your wedding day isn’t ironic. It just sucks.)

Last season on Weeds, Morissette’s character delivered Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker)’s baby under rather strained circumstances…

Mom struggled under the thumb of her Mexican underworld baby-daddy, and Morissette was imported (kidnapped?) from California to manage the birth.  I thought she was great in the role—very believable. And the writing was unusually spot on about pregnancy and birth. So many shows get it so wrong.

Maybe her part provided some inspiration. At least it didn’t turn her off. I remember Katherine Heigl telling reporters after Knocked Up that the whole process made her realize she never wanted to endure childbirth. And lo, when she had a baby a few years later, she adopted.

Morissette will reportedly be back on Weeds for a few episodes this season. The series is on Showtime, Season 6 starts this Monday.

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