Ali Larter's Dramatic Birth Story


ali larterHeroes star Ali Larter introduced her new baby to the world via Us Magazine this week. Her son, Theodore Hayes MacArthur, will be known as Teddy. Hello, Hollywood American History Name Trend.

Teddy is about 10 weeks old, and Ali and Teddy are looking somewhat more adorable than they might have been had they taken the pictures sooner after birth. Ali tells Us about the drama leading up to her baby’s arrival, and it sounds like the plot of a prime time action show.

Suspense! Challenge! Natural Disasters! Gorgeous, helpless PREGNANT leading lady in distress!

Will she make it?????

Around the time Teddy was due in December, Los Angeles was experiencing heavy rains and dangerous mud slides.  Due to mud dangers, the road Larter lives on was closed, and traffic could not get in or out. You can imagine the scene on TV: Sweating, pacing dad, woman laboring in the bathroom. No, wait, maybe the dad’s stuck on the other side of the barricade…pacing in his office! The woman’s alone, left to freebirth in the tub with only that cute floppy looking dog to help. Bring me the kettle, Benji!

In real life, the drama was a bit less overblown. Larter went into labor only a few hours after the barricades were removed… Right on cue.

[via Us]

photo: PCN