All I Want For Valentines Day Is...


All I want for Valentines Day is a pre-natal massage. In the past two weeks between kidney stones, lack of sleep, and chronic back pain from my growing fetus, I need something to snap me back into myself.

I figured, what the hey… my husband reads my blog posts sometimes, so why not write about it? Haha!

I can’t say that with any of my children I have had a massage during pregnancy, or a professional massage at that. But knowing this is probably out last child, I am eager to give it a try, I mean, how bad can a massage be?  I am sure there won’t be any complaining about it!

I am not really the card, candy and flowers type, although I do enjoy the occasional roses. Last time my husband came home with flowers for me, they had the sweetest meaning. One white rose for being the mother of his children, and three red roses to represent our three children. I cried… like a baby. But what else is new while I am pregnant?

So what else are all the preggo’s out there wanting for valentines day this year?

photo: getty images