All The Walking And Bouncing In The World...

My family at the park trying to walk this baby out in a snow storm

Somehow, when your mother texts you that you should get it on with your husband, well, it just kind of ruins it for you.

“We have to have sex.  My mom says so.”  Um, no thanks.

So this little plan was a no-go this weekend.

However! I did walk lumber about five miles this weekend, in a snow storm no less! We visited three malls and two parks.

I also bounced on our work-out ball while Serge yelled at race cars on the television. Something about Daytona, I’m not sure.

All of my hard work was to no avail although I did get a nice pedicure during one of those mall visits.

So there’s that.

I have a regular doctor appointment and also an induction scheduled for Wednesday. Still haven’t decided which appointment I’m going to keep. I kind of hoped this damn kid would make the decision for me on his own. The weekend was filled with hope. Nearly constant contractions, several of which seemed like a new breed, aching down from my lower back and into my butt. But alas, nothing.

But I’m in good spirits. Hanging out with my sweet Violet is fantastic. She keeps wandering into KID B’s room and asking me to wind up the mobile above his crib. “Horsie!” She’ll say and then stand there watching the horse spin his small circle along with a giraffe a monkey and another animal I can’t think of just now.

Oh! One more thing. I’ll tell you another name that was a top fiver that we decided NOT to name KID B!


Yes, my dog’s name is Max. I love the name. In fact, I think a lot of people run into the same problem. They call their pets the names they love and then when kid time rolls around they used up their favorite name. We didn’t care. Seriously, Max was a top contender for quite some time. But we ruled it out along with Serge. That left the top three. Well, it left a top two, actually. Then Serge threw in a late contender that we both liked so we spent the past three months going round and round with the top three.

I’m such a tease.

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