Almost 35 Weeks


I gave in. I finally took the time to take some belly pictures, which is something I have been putting off for… months!   I will be the first one to admit I am not a fan of my pregnant body, or post children body for that fact, but after taking some of these pictures and posting them for my friends and family to see, I certainly got a slight ego boost I needed.

These come at 34 weeks, and 4 whole days, two days before I venture into New York City for the Getting Gorgeous blogging event, which I am very excited about.  A day of being pampered?  Who doesn’t need that when they are deep in their third trimester… let’s just hope I don’t end up in labor! LOL

On top of this, it is crunch time. 33 days until my c-section date… if I make it that far since I went into labor in my 38th week with my last son, and that is more than a week before my c-section date.  But in crunch time, I am still considering having professional maternity pictures done. This is my last pregnancy, and I would love to have some pictures done with my husband, and sons involved.

Did you get maternity pictures done?  Are they worth spending the money?


These are the pictures I took myself!

I actually feel pretty good for being almost 35 weeks pregnant considering there is a point in time I didn’t think, or know if I would still be pregnant at this point with all of our bumps along the way.