Alyson Hannigan Pregnant Again, Coinciding with TV Character's Pregnancy

Alyson Hannigan and Alex Denisof

It’s a case of life imitating art.  Or maybe the art is imitating life so the producers of How I Met Your Mother can explain Alyson Hannigan’s burgeoning bump.

Either way, Hannigan and husband, Alex Denisof, are expecting their second child and her TV character, Lily, is expecting her first child so it all works out. Since Lily found out she was expecting at the end of last season and Hannigan can’t be more than three months or so, I’m supposing the producers wrote it into the script because Hannigan told them she was hoping to get pregnant… Or maybe she decided to use her character’s pregnancy as the perfect timing to have a second child. That’s likely the case as Executive producer and co-creator Craig Thomas says: “Everyone at How I Met Your Mother is thrilled for Aly! And we’d especially like to thank her for timing this perfectly to Lily’s pregnancy on the show!

If the tabloid mags are to be believed, Hannigan is the greatest mother ever. Not a week goes by that she isn’t featured playing with her adorable daughter Satyana at a park, farmer’s market, pumpkin patch.

Hannigan, according to E online, was spotted with a baby bump on Thursday and the star has apparently confirmed the news. Hannigan’s character, Lily, is set to give birth near the end of the current season, in May 2012. No word on when Hannigan is due.

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