American Idol Season 10 Judge Jennifer Lopez Wants To Get Pregnant 1000 Times


American Idol Season 10American Idol Season 10 debuted last night, featuring new celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez. The artist formerly known as J.Lo has been doing a lot of press leading up to the show’s premiere on Wednesday, and the subject of babies and motherhood seems to be taking a central role in the P.R. conversation.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had their twins in 2006 after what appeared to be a rather long lead-up time. Lopez had been telling the press she wanted to have kids for years before she actually became pregnant. Maybe she was having a hard time getting pregnant, or maybe that was just part of her spin. At any rate, the singer and actress has started talking about getting pregnant again…in a big way.

“As soon as I had the babies, I thought to myself, ‘I want to do this a thousand more times,'” She told Ellen Degeneres when she appeared on Ellen’s show on Tuesday.

It’s interesting that she’s chosen to focus so much on motherhood right now…Maybe it’s all part of the supportive, motherly role she’s trying to cultivate on American Idol, to follow in Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi’s footsteps? Or maybe she’s trying to get pregnant as we speak. Being pregnant 1000 more times seems somewhat unrealistic…Maybe 1000 babies via gestational surrogate?

[Via Us Magazine]