Ancient Image of Woman Giving Birth Could Be World's First


An ancient image of a woman giving birth could be one of the first in Western art, according to its discoverers.  The small fragment was found by a student in June.

Not only is this an incredible image to find, but the story behind the discovery is pretty incredible as well.   The image was discovered by William Nutt, a student from  the University of Texas at Arlington, who is legally blind.

“I used dental tools and a sharpened trowel to slide along the ground. I’d run my hands along the soil, feeling and uncovering different layers,” Nutt told New Scientist. “The image is unique because in the classical world, we don’t see a lot of birthing scenes.”

The small fragment of a pot was found in an ancient Etruscan site near Florence, Italy and is said to be nearly 2600 years old.  The piece will be presented at the meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in January.

(Image: Phil Perkins)