And the Ultrasound Reveals…..

Baby England #5 Says Hello

Today, after our leisurely midwife appointment (late at 22 weeks), we looked forward to going to our ultrasound. Each pregnancy we usually get one ultrasound for a full anatomical look at the baby.

While certainly not necessary for a homebirth, given the distance from our house and the nearest top-level NICU, I always feel more comfortable ruling out things during the ultrasound that might lead me to choose a hospital in the City or Dallas area. Plus, twins run in my family.

So off we went to the ultrasound with a few questions. One baby? Two babies? Boy? Girl? And the answer is….

It’s a GIRL!

Finally Brianna will have the sister she’s been praying for and my husband will have another cause of worry and concern. “These boys I can handle, no problem. They can’t do anything I haven’t had a brush with.” He says.

Guess he’ll have to stretch one more time. The kids were literally cheering in the ultrasound office. Baby Girl England measures perfectly, although about 11 days earlier than my wheel due date (normal operating procedure for me).

So sometime mid-December we will be welcoming a second little girl into the family. The kids are thrilled, my husband is shell shock and I’m relieved to have another positive ultrasound with healthy baby.