Anna Paquin is Pregnant

I have a crush on Anna Paquin, that's why I'm posting this.

Anna Paquin is pregnant.

A rep confirmed the pregnancy to People magazine and an anonymous source tells the world, “Anna is very happy that she is going to be a mom, and Stephen is extremely excited.” She’s 12 weeks along and due sometime in the fall. Moyer has two children (Lilac, 8 and Billy, 12) from previous relationships.

I’ve always loved Anna Paquin. I loved her in The Piano. I love her Canadian/New Zealand roots and the fact that she went to Columbia University in NYC.  I loved her in that crazy movie version of HulryBurly and as Polexia Aphrodisia in Almost Famous. Also, she was PERFECT in a lesser-known-but-totally-worth-‘flixing drama called Margaret.

I also love that she came out as bisexual in a PSA for a LGBT awareness-raising campaign for The True Colors Foundation. I think she was educated at Steiner school, too. And she’s my favorite TV vampire. Can you tell I have a crush on her? Congratulations Anna and Stephen! Do you need a doula? I’m available.



Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons