Another Baby? 8 Reasons Why You Might Want to Think Twice

Another Baby? 8 Reasons Why You Might Want to Think TwiceBaby fever — it can be a mean thing to catch. I’ve had it for over a year now. Some call it a “biological tick” this feeling that time to start (or keep) procreating is here and you must have a baby. It’s a weird thing to explain and can be hard to understand if you’ve not experienced it yourself.

There are many different reasons why one would have a baby — and I believe it’s a decision that should be thought about before it happens (when that is possible, I know sometimes it’s not, & I’m not saying that’s bad). I also think that while baby fever can make us think some interesting things at time, it’s important to realize the “why” behind our baby fever. Is it something you’re trying to fix? Is this desire for a baby about something more than wanting to expand your family?

Click through to read 8 reasons why you may want to think twice about having a baby:

  • You Don’t Want to Work 1 of 8
    You Don't Want to Work
    Sure, we all get tired of our job once and a while, but having a baby is a job you can't just quit. Trading in the work clothes for the yoga pants just to get some time away from the office is no great reason to have a baby. Take a vacation instead!
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  • Your Kid’s Getting Old 2 of 8
    Your Kid's Getting Old
    There comes a time when we look at our kids and wonder where all that time went. The problem with that moment of wonder is it brings with it a flood of realization over things you will miss out on now. No more diapers? No more breastfeeding? No more little toes. It;s not a real good reason to go and get pregnant though.
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  • You Don’t Want to Restrict Your Diet 3 of 8
    You Don't Want to Restrict Your Diet
    If you believe that who "getting to eat for two" thing you hear people say about pregnant women... it's not true. Wanting to eat what you want, when you want is not the best reason to get pregnant.
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  • You’re Lonely 4 of 8
    You're Lonely
    Lonely is not fun and it can bring a lot of ideas with it on how to get out of that state. Having a baby with you who loves you and always wants to be with you can seem like the perfect idea. It's not really fair to your child though -- to fix you. Work on you and it will be better for all parties.
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  • People Keep Asking 5 of 8
    People Keep Asking
    "Are you going to have a baby yet?"
    "Are you pregnant yet?"
    Just because you have people who don't know how to mind their own business, don't go ahead and get pregnant just because someone else things you ought to.
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  • You Want to Save Your Relationship 6 of 8
    You Want to Save Your Relationship
    It won't work. It won't bring you closer together. It's not a good reason to bring more chaos into your relationship. Counselling will work better in the long run for you both, whether you decide to stay together or not. Try that.
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  • You’re Feeling Old 7 of 8
    You're Feeling Old
    While it's true that your fertility drops faster than you may realize, your birthday year is not always the best indication for when to start your family. Age is something you should consider though, but there are other options than jumping on the pregnancy train.
    Read about when your fertility drops on ABC News
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  • Everyone Else is Doing It 8 of 8
    Everyone Else is Doing It
    Ah, this one! It's hard to keep your baby fever in check when everyone around you is popping babies out. It can tug on your ovaries so hard and make your fever much worse. It's important to take a look at your life, where you're at and make a decision that's right for you -- not for what other people are doing.
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