Another Creative Pregnancy Announcement Idea


I’m a sucker for a cute pregnancy announcement, whether it’s goofy, sentimental, unique, or completely over-the-top.

And here’s another clever idea — one that doesn’t require high-budget movie equipment or graphic design skills.

Send it to your parents, quietly give it to your partner, or whip it out during family game night:

The popular shop Paloma’s Nest will personalize this wooden puzzle with any message you’d like — such as “We’re Pregnant,” “Congrats Grandpa & Grandpa,” “Baby On The Way,” or any other clever phrase you can come up with. Here’s an example of how they can personalize:

And then once the announcement is made, you can frame the puzzle for a lasting memento. Isn’t that sweet?

Buy your own personalized puzzle at Paloma’s Nest for $44.